Ruled by nutcases

In these lockdown times too

Learned friends remain wise

They remember all rights and laws

But can’t recall how to exercise!


Victims of circumstances

Are all forced to play their part

Some shall live to tell their tale

Others unceremoniously depart!


Life wasn’t meant to be fair

We play with cards we are dealt

A game every five years or so

Till all our fond hopes melt …


When the next round comes

They use the same old tools

Leaving us with a wide choice

From crooks to cranks & fools


The dutiful stand in long queues

Their sacred duty never to shirk

And the media vies to transmit

The largest democracy at work!


Sitting at home, doing nothing

All days now feel just the same

When we ourselves lack discipline

Whom can we justifiably blame?


Some Sundays are for the Circus

Where a Ringmaster plays his part

A cloth is wrapped round his mouth

As he always speaks from the heart!


The leaders imagine they’re loved

Adulation’s obsessed their head

While sycophants sing their praises

Rumours spread that they’re dead …


The small solace for us sufferers

As we search our suffering’s basis

Is that we aren’t alone in such mess

The world seems ruled by Nutcases!