Raju Z Moray

| @ | June 9,2020

Some Bar Associations proclaim

They don’t wish to resume work

Because they feel it is still risky

Not with any intention to shirk …


They politely informed Milords

We won’t make our protest big

But we object to being treated

Like some laboratory guinea pig


Till now, we were being warned

Stay well distanced and alone

Now eager bosses are ignoring

Boundaries of Containment Zone!


But we do not feel so confident

Our Bar does not think it is worth

Risking lives for attending cases

Which may even outlast our rebirth!


Milords are free to get infected

And see if their herd is immune

But we prefer video-conferencing

So set up that infrastructure soon!


An ill-conceived measure backfired

By some delay heavens won’t fall

Your Mission may be to ‘Begin Again’

We are emphasising ‘Justice For All’!


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