We are the Supreme Rulers
Did you think we are fools?
We can issue Notifications
We can amend all the rules!

Since we’re in Supreme Power
Conferred for 5 years to savour
We will decide who goes to jail
On whom to bestow our favour

We are now thoroughly bored
Worshipping the same old gods
So we thought the time is right
To start appeasing our milords

Witnessing the sops we offer
Sitting milords will be pleased
They too will enjoy our offerings
Long after worship has ceased

The robed royalty will delight
With what we have put on offer
Secretarial assistance for a year
And a slave styled as a chauffeur

As some may wish to harm them
After controversial terms are over
We have taken care to grant them
A round-the-clock security cover

And to ensure that they reside
Confined without favour or fear
We will give them a safe house
To feel protected for half a year

If you think these are freebies
Let us reiterate it’s not so at all
We’re offering these courtesies
Merely as ceremonial protocol