Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 2,2020

Just as in the clear night sky

We see numerous stars

On communication devices

We can spot many Webinars


With lockdowned audiences

Waiting for entertainers

The field is now wide open

For brains (and no-brainers)


Well aware of the potential

Of Social Media’s reach

Every Tom, Dick & Harry

Seems most eager to teach


So, we have a right to choose

From an array of misinformers

Who wish to test our patience

With the zeal of reformers


With some of the tips doled out

We may not even agree

But it’s now a National habit

To avail whatever’s given free


Black coats are harmless

When they explain things legal

But beware of media quacks

And their prescriptions medical …


There is nothing comparable

To solid professional advice

And it’s always good to remember

That quality comes at a price …

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