Press Statement: Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat responds to false statements made in the media

My attention has been drawn to a news broadcast on Zee TV (on the programme DNA) dated April 17, 2018, in which a false statement has been made by one Mr Bhatti to the anchor Mr Sudhir Chaudhary, that I have spent the last few days in JNU. I categorically deny that I have ever set foot in JNU. The statement is false to the knowledge of Mr Bhatti and is calculated to malign me.

The said Mr Bhatti has also implied that vast amounts of money has also been collected in the name of the Kathua victim, and speculated whether the money has actually reached the victim or her family. When read in the context of the reference to me, there’s an innuendo that I could have received money. I wish to make it clear that I have not accepted any money from any source for my legal representation in defence of the Kathua victim. My entire legal team – including Mr Sunil Fernandes, Advocate-on-Record, Ms Indira Jaising, Senior Advocate, and Lawyers Collective in Delhi – has provided legal services pro bono, and has made a clear declaration that they are providing legal services free of charge.

I also wish to give notice to the public that my attention was drawn this afternoon to a  Twitter  account bearing the name “Deepika Singh” with the Twitter handle @DeepikaSRajawat carrying the banner photograph of the Kathua victim. I wish to give notice that the said account has been hacked in order to reactivate it, and I am hereby lodging a complaint with the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police, with reference to the said hacking. Although the said Twitter account was created by me some years ago, it has not been operated by me since then at all. ALL the tweets that appear on the said account (@DeepikaSRajawat) at present have not been put out by me and I request you not to be misled into believing that I have posted the tweets. Since some of the tweets have the exact content as posted by me on my Facebook account, it’s evident that data from my Facebook account has been stolen and used on Twitter by unknown persons without my knowledge and consent. It is apparent that this is a case of identity theft and I am being impersonated, which, by itself, is a crime. The only Twitter account that is genuine and that I have been operating myself is @DeepikaSinghR15. I have deactivated even @DeepikaSinghR15. I am not on Twitter anymore.

I am also lodging a complaint with Twitter to deactivate/suspend @DeepikaSRajawat and other lookalike accounts, passing themselves off as my accounts. The photograph of the Kathua victim has been put on the banner with the mala-fide intent of lodging a criminal complaint against me. It has further come to my knowledge that such a complaint has been lodged by one Mr Vibhor Anand claiming to be an advocate, at the police station of Patel Nagar, New Delhi.

I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from well-meaning people from across the country cutting across caste, community and religion, expressing solidarity and support for the victim of the Kathua rape, and demanding free and fair trial. Crime has no religion. Similarly, justice is blind to caste, community and religion. I have full faith in the judiciary of this country, and I am sure that justice will be done. I am not deterred by the fake and false propaganda spread against me and I will continue to do my professional duty without fear or favour.

Deepika Singh Rajawat

Advocate, Jammu & Kashmir High Court

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