Out of control

We are living on such a fast track
So we must get used to such capers
Before the milords get to see them
Affidavits are reaching newspapers!

This isn’t the first time it’s happened
That answers milords wish to seek
Are found splashed across a headline
In some paper as an exclusive leak

Milords of course are unhappy
At the ostentatious media show
But the networks usual defence is
The Nation does want to know!

Some are saying the real reasons
Why milords complain and whine
Is because judgments may appear
In papers even before they sign

But let’s be fair to the reporters
Request milords not to get riled
Pleadings served with breakfast
Are tastier than the registry-filed

Milords may want to track down
The mole who played this role
Is it one of the several black robes
Or a rogue registry out of control?