Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 14,2020

Milords have framed Online Guidelines

And the one I found amusing & cute

Is the one which says if not addressing

You must ensure your mike is on ‘Mute’!


The sounds they will hear otherwise

May not always be pleasant to hear

A lawyer’s domestic background too

Can travel quite uncomfortably near


In the US Supreme Court recently

A sound caused a nationwide blush

In the middle of broadcast hearings

Came the gushing sound of a flush!


Milords trained to tackle arguments

Can’t deal with internal domestic strife

While listening to an advocate online

They don’t relish a scolding from his wife!


When Milords are gnashing & growling

It is diconcerting to hear dogs bark

Though at times to break the monotony

Its soothing to hear birds in the park…


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