Milords’ subsistence

SEEMS some thinking heads
Have created avoidable mess
In their over-enthusiasm to
Grant milords more largesse

The rules were amended for
Supreme milords’ subsistence
A chauffeur, a domestic help
And secretarial assistance

These were tailored for milords
Continuing to serve the nation
By staying on in the big metros
Practising penance of arbitration

But there are some old chiefs
Who chose not to invite tensions
They live in distant small towns
Solely dependent on their pensions

They are stymied by the new rules
Hailed by some brethren as great
‘Cause they neither need chauffeurs
Nor secretarial assistants to dictate!

They feel reimbursement was better
Than staff employment mish-mash
For there is no perk which is better
Than the option of getting hard cash!