Raju Z Moray

| @ | June 15,2020

The irreverent Raju Z Moray has provided us with much-needed humour in an hour of crisis. We, and our readers, have thoroughly enjoyed his wit that sharply critiqued the times we lived through. His lockdown series has gained widespread appreciation amongst our readers. He has addressed the transformation of legal practice in corona times for the men in black. We witnessed his powerful words draw out a legal critique of the apathetic wheels of justice. His inquisitive satire made us ponder on questions of democracy and economic difficulties. His skilled weaving of words articulated our collective thoughts and enriched our lockdown lives. We saw ourselves reflected in his poems. It gave our cynicism some optimism. It gave us comfort in times of despair. 

With his last poem on “Lockdowned Life”, we bid adieu to our own lockdown lives. However, our beloved readers need not feel disheartened, for this is only a goodbye to lockdown life. Raju Z Moray will be back soon with his effervescent words to make us laugh and think.  As he signs out, and we all wait for him to sign in again, we recall William Wordsworth poignantly description “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” At the end of this lockdown series, we at Leaflet profusely thank him for this space of tranquillity.




This COVID-19 is just another happening

Which would mean different things to each

But when all present restrictions are lifted

Think about what it may have come to teach?


No one had wished this calamity on anyone

So isnt it very surprising,unusual and odd

That we are ready to call it a curse of Satan

When it could well be seen as a Gift of God?


Yogis, ascetics, monks..a host of holy men

Have trudged miles to caves for solitude

COVID-19 offered that opportunity at home

Has anyone thought of expressing gratitude?


Coronavirus is the most benevolent virus of all

It has a long daily list but a poor disposal rate

It has admitted and granted relief in most cases

If some get dismissed,it is just a matter of fate!


Some people will be worried about businesses

Others will wait for a stranded husband or wife

But at the end of this ordeal what really matters

Is the lessons we learnt from lockdowned life.


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