Letting out the cats

Big Chief was at it once again
Lecturing ‘officers of the court’
And that provided juicy material
For ubiquitous media to report!

Milords have more or less
Resigned to comfortable fate
Still they can’t help noticing
Disturbing tendencies of late

‘Respected members of the Bar
No doubt have a right to criticize
But are using this to cut milords
And their judgments down to size!’

‘You should not behave like this!
Be discreet and circumspect.
You are not like laypersons
Treat the milords with respect!’

‘There is a historical link
Between Bench and the Bar
To preserve our independence
We can’t be perceived at war!’

‘The Bar’s loyalty mustn’t lie
With narrow partisan interest
The courts and Constitution
Should be its dignified test!”

‘Aristotle said a human being
Is by nature a political animal.
Be ideological, argumentative
But keep it absolutely minimal!’

‘Our shoulders are broad enough
For all bouquets and brickbats.
That doesn’t mean you should
Open our bags and let out the cats!’

The Leaflet