Raju Z Moray

| @ | September 15,2018

On September 3, a young woman, Lois Sofia, studying in Canada and on a home visit, was arrested by the Tuticorin police because she raised her fist and shouted “Fascist BJP government down, down” onboard a flight from Chennai and later on at the airport in the presence of the Tamil Nadu BJP president Tamilisai Soundararajan.

The patriotic lady politician promptly filed a complaint on an assumption that anyone who calls BJP fascist cannot be innocent and must be a terrorist!

The cops promptly arrested the woman who was arguing that the Constitution of India protected her freedom of expression.

Surprisingly, in what could at worst have been a bailable offence, the local court remanded the protestor to judicial custody for 15 days! She was later let off, but the fact that merely using the F-word now lands one in jail, is something to ponder on.

Gobble D Gook is deeply disturbed by such incidents, which are now taking place all across the country with increasing frequency.

This Lawmerick gives vent to Gook’s apprehension.


Sometimes, a thought does linger.
Of which hell is this a harbinger?

If clenching one’s fist
Makes one a terrorist

What if you show them the finger?

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