Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 25,2018

Gobble D. Gook has noticed that of late, our Apex Court has become very fond of transferring cases from various High Courts to itself..like snatching a half-eaten candy from a child saying it will spoil your teeth!

Whether it is the GST on Lawyers..or on Sanitaries
They don’t seem to trust any of the HC luminaries

Even when a judge is dead..ie.post his mortem
No High Court can audi alteram any partem!
Maybe they want to tell us “You have nothing to fear
When not just the litigation but the bucks stop here..”

This Lawmerick captures that unfathomable, Supreme feeling:

We are the judiciary’s creme de la creme
..At this Apex point, we are now Supreme

We transfer cases and mull
To spare HCs all the trouble

-And our performances rival any filmy scene!

By Raju Z Moray,
to read more of his delightful work, buy Court Jester! 

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