Lawmerick: Gook is fascinated by the Chief

A few days ago our cool Chief lost his cool. Even the weather did not help to bring My Lord’s temperature down..
He was livid at a small group of senior counsel who equate audacity of argument with velocity of voice.
Gobble D. Gook was fascinated by the good Chief’s analysis of their decibel levels.
It speaks volumes about many things..
The Chief reportedly said “Raising voices only shows their inadequacy,incompetence and that they are not fit to be seniors”
By this yardstick, being a silent advocate may well be an indication of competence and being an ‘Invisible Lawyer’ could actually be a sign of brilliance!

This Lawmerick celebrates this revelation..

Approaching us for solace is your choice
But don’t you dare raise your senior voice

Loud arguments insistent
Prove you are incompetent

We love the docile,obedient,meek and nice..

By Raju Z Moray


Read more of his work here!