Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 15,2019

LIKE many others, Gobble D. Gook too was awaiting with interest the Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) on the Rafale (Ra-fail) deal.

But everyone expecting a well-tailored wedding suit out of that showroom were surprised to get an ill-fitting vest!

Now the performers are screaming on TV. What happened to the Watchdogs?

Well, they are quite happy in their cozy kennels.

Governments don’t mind even barking dogs so long as they do not bite.

But of all dogs lapdogs which look like watchdogs are the best… and of late most in demand.

Gook feels that the best dog is of course the dog, which is still seen on old gramophone records… listening intently to His Master’s Voice.

There is heavy criticism of the CAG because he acceded to the Government’s request and redacted all commercial details of the Rafale deal from his report but Gook feels he should not be blamed.

Watching the debates on Lok Sabha TV to cure his insomnia, Gook often wonders how most of these gesticulating guys ever understand any intricate problem.

That they actually end up passing intricate legislations by voice votes without even batting an eyelid sometimes leads Gook to start believing that our great country is run by miracles …

Maybe the CAG too sympathised with these troubled souls and decided to spare them the burden of unnecessary graphs, charts and calculations?

Is there anything really wrong in that?

This Lawmerick appreciates the skills of bureaucrats in churning out reports, which weigh a lot, but often say nothing.

A lovely drama has been enacted
With important dialogues redacted

     Tongues could wag
     But scriptwriter CAG

Wrote scenes which couldn’t be acted!


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