Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 11,2019

GOBBLE D Gook likes one temptation which most politicians find very hard to resist.

Whether in power or out of it, they never tire of seeing images of themselves all over the place.
In fact, for them, the more, the merrier!

So at every traffic light one stops one sees huge cut-outs, billboards, banners and posters of politicos big and small either smiling or scowling at all and sundry.

But to have huge statues of oneself installed while in power (perhaps not being sure whether anyone would wish to erect them later on) was truly a novel method adopted by an enterprising ex-CM of UP to restore pride!

Besides installing statues of her party’s icons at every crossroad in the State, she even got 60 huge statues of her party’s symbol, the Elephant, installed on huge public spaces converted into Parks of Pride!

While no one can dare to object to installation of statues of dead heroes worshipped by the downtrodden masses, a PIL promptly questioned the constitutional validity of the statues of the Queen and her elephants. Gook won’t be surprised if, in keeping with modern trends, during arguments, the constitutional morality of elephants also gets questioned!

The matter has reached hearing in the Apex Court and the Super Chief rightly wishes to find some permanent cure for such symptoms of megalomania.

The interesting thing is that whatever the Hon’ble Court dishes out as sauce for the goose, will also be sauce for the gander…which, put quite simply means: if a CM can suffer after becoming an ex, so can some PM suffer upon becoming an ex!
..and the quantum of suffering will be in the hands of the Super Chief’s Court!

Gook is tickled enough by the interesting possibilities offered by such ruminations to pen this Lawmerick.

When the CM just bulldozed her way
Even her 60 big elephants had no say

Public funds were directed
And statues were erected

But now livid Milords expect her to pay!


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