Law-merick: Patriotism in the air! Gook’s take on it

As 15th August approaches, we get filled with our bi-annual patriotic fervour.

A Vice-Chancellor wants a battle tank on Campus and a HC judge wants Vande Mataram sung everywhere..Patriotism is in the air and Gobble D. Gook is taking deep breaths. He especially liked how Justice Muralidharan, realising the difficulty of singing the Sanskrit original, has further directed translations of Vande Mataram made in English and Tamil to be sung..
What a thoughtful, considerate Judge!
This Lawmerick is in His patriotic Lordships honour..


You are hereby directed to Patriotism instill
Translate and sing Vande Mataram in Tamil

A weekly or monthly ration
Shall rejuvenate our Nation

There are so many “patriotic vacancies” to fill..

– Raju Z Moray