Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 19,2019

THEY say facts are often much stranger than fiction.

And when Gobble D. Gook read about impostors impersonating the Super Chief on phone, he couldn’t do anything but but agree.

Just imagine the scenario which has now emerged.

The Chief Justices of two High Courts get phone calls on their official numbers and an officious sounding voice tells them that he is a Private Secretary calling from the Super Chief’s office.

That the Super Chief wants to speak with them directly is such a rare thing that they have no reason to doubt it is him on the other side of the telephone line when they finally get “him” on the line.

A Super Chief-like voice tells them that they should recommend certain lawyers from their High Courts for elevation from the HC Bar to the HC Bench.

No one knows what actually happened thereafter.

But from what is reported it seems fair to surmise that when they must have met the Super Chief, they must naturally have said:
“Sir, we have complied with your wish.”

To which the surprised Super Chief would have responded:
“My wish? What are you guys talking about?”

And that is how (and probably when) the proverbial cat must have jumped out of the bag.

And it has now certainly landed straight among the pigeons!

Gook only hopes that no one from the Bars of the various High Courts actually climbed unto the Benches of their HCs in the past (during the reigns of other, perhaps less vigilant, Super Chiefs) by adopting the phone route to elevations!

This Law-merick is written in the hope that no stone (or phone) is left unturned to catch the culprits.

Like an attack conducted by a Drone
Milords have been targeted on phone

     Hackers playing games,
     Recommending names

Is something we just cannot condone!


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