Raju Z Moray

| @ | March 2,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook always thought that the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi dispute essentially involved the decision on a Civil Suit between rival parties involving title. Many others thought so too.

Dissatisfied with the Allahabad High Court verdict, the parties have patiently lined up and waited on either side, expecting a Legal Mahabharat to commence shortly in the Apex Kurukshetra.

But the 5-judge Bench, like Lord Krishna before the Mahabharata War, declared this week that it wants to give mediation a chance!

The judges say that this is not a dispute about private property at all!

It involves a public right to worship! Therefore, “even if there is just one per cent chance of mediation working, parties must avail it!”

The judges, in short, seem to be saying:

Why should we be in a hurry to decide?

We are telling you now…go for mediation…we will pass formal orders directing this.

But on 5th of March!

Till then, give our suggestion a good thought.

What’s the hurry?

To those who came to witness fireworks, this suggestion turned out to be a damp squib, a complete anti-climax.

Gook too was disappointed, but he understood why things are progressing (or regressing) this way.

This Lawmerick encapsulates Gook’s view of the matter.

For questions which vex the Nation

Everybody expects a judicial solution

When it comes to the temple

Healing the hurt is not simple

And buying time is easy with “mediation”!

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