Law-merick: Gobble D Gook on #GownWapsi movement : What if this becomes an epidemic ?

As the Supreme Court attempts to decide the criteria for conferring “Senior” gowns on advocates, Gook is reminded of the Maharaja’s of yore conferring inams and jagirs on their courtiers and cronies..
But no inamdar or jagirdar returned their inams and jagirs..

Now, a designated Senior Advocate has announced a “Gown Wapsi”..which has got everyone worried..What if this becomes an epidemic?
What will we do with all the returned gowns?

Gook has a simple solution: Let all aspiring candidates stand in a queue and try out the returned gowns for size..if it’s a perfect fit, they can be designated!
No one can accuse anyone of nepotism then!
Alternatively, advertise availability, fix eligibility criteria, float tenders, invite bids and “Babudom” always does.
Another impartial method is drawal of lots!
In short, the “Gown Wapasi” has great potential..

This Lawmerick is dedicated to it:

The news has sent shivers all over town
A Senior Advocate is returning her gown!

Litigants,if you please
Prefer return of fees

Gook is smiling while ‘Square Gowns’ frown

– Raju Z Moray