Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 26,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook noted with interest the amusing reasons given by the Supreme Court Collegium for ignoring the claims of three current High Court Chief Justices for elevation to the SC Bench.

One CJ took a day off from his Court to relax with a round of golf while other judges were working!

Another CJ used the State’s helicopter somewhat like an Uber cab, but no one knows who paid the fare!

The third CJ reportedly passed orders against a public service commission to please a retired SC judge!

Thereby, they proved by their behaviour that it was not in sync with the high judicial standards expected of any high court judge (according to the SC Collegium).

No one knows if explanations were sought or given, but their “legitimately expected” elevations have hit a roadblock for now.

Gook, playing the Devil’s Advocate, wonders.

What if instead of golf, the gentleman concerned had taken a day off to watch a Ram Lila program? Or, to play a game of cards at his club?

What if the other learned judge had used someone’s private helicopter instead of the State’s? Or, reached his destination on a sports bike instead of his official car?

And what if the third CJ had done the same thing on orders of a sitting SC judge, instead of a retired one?

Would Majesty, that My Fair Lady of the Law, still be offended?

Be that as it may, how do future aspirants know what behaviour is okay and what is not?

Is there a “Book of Decorum” co-authored by the Collegium in the offing?

To be fair to the bypassed judges, it is so difficult to memorise all the dos and don’ts..especially as they keep changing with the composition of the Collegium.

But Gook hopes this Law-merick will help all aspirants to learn by rote some judicial etiquette for now.



If it’s an Apex elevation you’re after
Prefer your own car to any helicopter

Play golf if that’s your way,
But never on a working day!

And ignore all retired Milords hereafter!

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