Law-merick: Beware the ides of March!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]HE way fortunes of the senior-most judges from High Courts, hoping to make it to the Apex Court, have been fluctuating of late with every little shift in the top Collegium — gives Gobble D Gook good reason to believe that things are anything but collegial up there.

The situation among judges of the higher judiciary nowadays is such that even a stallion can be made to pull a cart and a cart-horse made to qualify for the Derby.

The “doctrine of legitimate expectation” does not seem to apply to those who never tire of preaching it to everyone else.

Judges moving into the Apex Court’s Collegium can be like Jupiter moving into the lucky signs of aspiring judicial horoscopes bestowing unexpected grace upon them to facilitate their quick elevation to the Court of Supreme Wisdom.

Conversely, a senior most judge going out of orbit is very often like a beneficial planet moving out of the birth-chart of those who enjoyed his grace thus far.They can now be condemned to incur the malefic wrath of an incoming Saturn who is displeased.

The result of such planetary movements Upstairs is that those below who wished for “Roses in December” have no choice but to count thorns in January… that’s how we are already in February.

As Shakespeare warned,”Beware the ides of March”!

This Law-merick is for those who got overtaken just before the finishing line.

Gook imagines this is what the Top Lords were thinking while superseding them.

“We select horses for courses
With an eye on political bourses

Ambitions get smothered
But we are not bothered

With comments, criticisms & curses..”