Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 8,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook has noticed that our Super Chief always means business.
He wields tremendous power and he does not shy away from using it against anyone who shows the slightest sign of Contempt for the Institution or for the Chair… so there!

The interim CBI Chief from not too long ago, M Nageswara Rao, has apparently transferred an Agency Officer, especially tasked by the Supreme Court to head the infamous Muzaffarpur Shelter Home probe, without the express leave of the SC as mandated by it in its earlier orders… and to his peril he has done it under our Super Chief’s watch.

The Apex Court does at times bar the shifting of investigating officers in sensitive probes to ensure continuity, speed and thoroughness in investigations.
But of late, such orders tended to be overlooked or ignored.
A similar order was passed by the SC regarding a judge hearing a very sensitive case… and that order was knowingly disobeyed by a High Court CJ who took away the case from the judge hearing it as per SC orders and posted another judge to hear it.

And its aftermath was that the unfortunate second judge had to pay a very heavy price! He lost his life!
Of course, nothing happened to the errant HC CJ who disobeyed the directions of the SC.

But now the times have indeed changed.
We now have a Super Chief who knows how to make power abusers behave themselves.
He brooks no challenge to the Majesty of Law…
He seeks to conquer what he came and saw!

This Law-merick celebrates the welcome cracking of the judicial whip against those who grow too big for their boots.

Are our directions like a subordinate’s report?
Do you consider disobeying us a habit or sport?

Respect us well, Mr. Rao
Or we’ll teach you how

“You should never play with the orders of the Court!”

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