Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 21,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook is glad to notice that at least some Milords are showing through their orders that they really care for Legal Aid.

Gook was very happy to read that the Apex Court not only asked the Chairmen of three Reliance companies to honour their commitment and pay Ericsson their dues as per undertakings given, or face three months in jail for Contempt, but in addition, fined each one of these three corporate worthies a crore and directed them to pay this sum to the SC Legal Services Committee.

If they pay up, legal aid work would get a reluctant but welcome boost of corporate funding. It is a different matter that these companies are quite capable of making the best of a bad bargain and may even try to get CSR tax benefits for contributing to Legal Aid!

But if they do not pay up, they have to be guests of the State jail for one more month… like those “Buy 3 and get one free” schemes!

Some Milords are asserting themselves where it is needed.
And Gook feels that this cracking of the judicial whip is a good sign.

This Law-merick celebrates Milords’ new assertiveness!


Is this a sign of some revolution-in-the-making?
An Ambani facing jail for breach of undertaking!

The way he was going
Without sign of slowing

Even ‘Big Brother’ could’ve fined him for overtaking!

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natarajan s

Undertaking given is a material for suit. The supreme court has no jurisdiction, right or authority to order implementation of any undertaking, least of all of a company which is under liquidation proceeding. You and i wont get such an order. This multinational company should not get a prior right over others, the company is indebted to. including is employees. Pity we are deviting frokm the known judicial process, an unhear4d of procedure in favor of a party, the same principle will not be extended to the common men. Seems to be substance for rejoice of Gobbles and Gooks.

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