Justice against all odds

The battle of the bulging backlog
Should be fought in the trenches
When arrears look insurmountable
Constitute Constitution Benches!

A single Constitution Bench means
Gainful employment for five milords
Who can then be trusted to struggle
To discover justice against all odds

Cases lying in the deep-freezer
Out of sight and out of head
Will now be out of the morgue
Registry-revived from the dead!

Hundreds of unoccupied seniors
Haunting bar libraries with frowns
Are now offered a golden chance
To dust and don their old gowns

Twenty-five important questions
To examine, dissect and explore
May result in a hundred volumes
Of law reports for posterity’s store

The outgoing big chief looks happy
The incoming big chief looks happy
Tenures of our milords are so short
Is judgment-delivery ever snappy?

As all the available milords gear up
To lay constitutional law for the ages
Editors are salivating at the thought
Of harmless content for front pages!