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Incumbents on the seat

THIS is a good season to accept
Every invitation to give a speech
Which would soon become viral
Thanks to social media’s reach

The suave and articulate milords
Whether still on or off the Bench
Seem eager to share their views
On their perfume and other’s stench

Of special interest to hungry media
Are those who’ve just stepped down
As they are the best ones to describe
The uneasiness in wearing the crown

In sheer volume of daily speeches
The ones who are impossible to beat
Are those who enjoy power and pelf
That is, the incumbents on the seat

Whether they be politicians or milords
There is no doubt most are quite able
But when they make a mess of things
Have you seen any held accountable?

So it does not matter what they say
As they keep hopping here and there
We the people would love to see what
They do while they occupy the chair!