I hereby swear

I need to be heard
Allow me to say it
And if milords insist
I’ll say it on affidavit

I say I am an Indian
Stuck in a rut
Hoping for freedom
In a new Bharat

I know not my name
Figures in which list
Since I am still alive
I am not a terrorist

I cherish my country
Whether land or liquor
Never touched Scotch
Or hash… though quicker

I love everything prime
From time to minister
I hate all the haters
Find them all sinister

I shall attend classes
For patriotism tuition
So that I can admire
Amended Constitution

I love all the villages
Though I live in a city
I do swear to uphold
Full territorial integrity

Whatever I have sworn
Is true to my knowledge
Though I hardly attended
Classes in law college.

The Leaflet