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Holy cow

Some would say that
The need of the hour
Is to strengthen the hands
Of those ensconced in power

Others would argue that
Anyone who is wise
Would not give up the right
To object and criticise

Rulers are never comfortable
Being asked “How” or “Why”?
They invariably resort to
Divert, Defame, Denigrate, Deny!

Our Constitutional fora seem
Resigned to an uncertain fate
With hardly any scope left now
For logical, worthwhile debate

Realising that Valentine’s Day
Was due for the headlines now
Someone got the bright idea
Of hugging the Holy Cow!

With such a photo-opportunity
Landing on our media’s plate
Focus was on good-looking cows,
Questions on economy could wait!

But no one had consulted cows
So they got agitated and bugged
The huggers beat a hasty retreat
Before any cow could be hugged!

Some think they are very clever
Can easily fool animals and God
But horns of cows demonstrated
They can sense and shove a fraud!