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Hire and fire

Our boys are getting boisterous
Soon they will be twenty-one
We must tap their energy
Let’s give them a good gun!

Wasting time on the streets
Threatening people for fun
They are a potential menace
Let’s give them a good gun

We will inculcate jingoistic spirit
And teach them hit and run
We will hire them for four years
And train them to use a gun

With forty-five thousand annually
The world we can scare and stun
The mighty will sit in board rooms
And send boys out with their gun

There is no dearth of patriots
Who would put nation above a son
Not just the honour,ex-gratia too
If he dies fighting with that gun

And if by chance they live
They can still have all the fun
As they will be strong and ruthless
And trained to use the gun

Powers who care for their children
Would not let them starve in the sun
The best will be absorbed in forces
With a licence to kill with a gun!

Don’t think this is just hire and fire
Why have so many protests begun?
Because our Leaders understand
Power flows from the barrel of a gun!