Har ghar tiranga!

Before our morale
Begins to sag
Let us bring out
Our inspirational flag!

Every single house
Must hoist the flag
In breaking records
We must never lag

Negative people may
Complain of GST
But positive ones
Distribute flags for free

Look at Mumbai’s BMC
Can one ask for more?
For distributing flags free
They’re spending 7 crore!

Yet some negative people
Harp about the pot-holes
Instead of appreciating
Our freedom fighters’ roles

Enemies of the nation
Publicize our squalor
Instead of concentrating
On beauty of our tri-colour

Such lack of appreciation
Is difficult to understand
It is quite possible that
There is some foreign hand!

Let us look at our culture
Let us praise our heritage
And let us admire our great
Performer on world stage

The world will be watching
Our reputation is at stake
Let no one dare to say
Our achievements are fake

Those who don’t like us
Can go and pack their bag
But those who love us
Must surely hoist the flag

So here is your chance to
Crawl out of the negative rut
Go put a flag on your roof
And prove you are a patriot!

But when the day is done
And the flag stops to flutter
Ensure it is not discarded
To end up in a heap or gutter..