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| @ | March 27,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook was missing Justice C.S. Karnan just as sometimes he misses Justice Markandey Katju. Whether one likes what they dish out or not, they surely know how to stir the controversy’s pot!

Come election season and Justice Karnan has announced that he hopes to enter the Lok Sabha from the Chennai Central constituency by contesting on a ticket of a political outfit he had formed in May 2018. He calls it ‘Anti-Corruption Dynamic Party’. Maybe because he needs to distinguish it from Pro-Corruption Dynamic parties functioning under various names.

When he had formed his party, Justice Karnan had reportedly said “Only women will contest and we hope to sweep elections across the country”! His secretary, one Anthony W Lizaro, (rhymes with bizzaro) had ambitiously declared that the party would contest all 543 Lok Sabha seats in 2019.

Maybe if Justice Karnan had named his party ‘Dynamic Contempt Party’ and got certified habitual contemnors to contest in every constituency, he would have given sleepless nights to all opponents.

But this man has now filed his own nomination from Chennai Central constituency, conveniently ignoring that he hasn’t become a woman yet!

Gobble D. Gook admires this man for his never-say-die spirit and for re-entering prime media space with a bang, skirting whatever ban the SC may have imposed upon him while sentencing him to undergo six months imprisonment for Contempt of Court in May 2017!

With his stated aim “to expose corruption in the Government and the Judiciary” he would perhaps have been a perfect candidate for the Lokpal panel, but the Lok Sabha too is not a bad place to while away time.

The best part is the huge salary and allowance increases which MPs keep giving themselves with increasing frequency. We have to pay them to serve us. No one says a thing about that!

Poor judges however draw a lot of flak if they try to pass orders giving such benefits to themselves!

Lok Sabha is a nice place for such judges too!

Since Justice Karnan will be very busy now and may not get sufficient time to pen an easy-to-remember electoral message, Gook has written this Law-merick, especially for him.


Your faith in my efforts if you repose

With contempt I will thumb my nose


     At a system that sent me to jail.

     In its coffin now I shall be a nail,


And corruption in high places I’ll expose!

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