Gook reflects on the recent designation of Senior Advocates by the Supreme Court

Seen Years : A designated poem


Recently the news all across town

Was about who got the square gown

Relief came at last to many faces

With smiles replacing many a frown


Some got it early, some got it late

Some thanked luck, some cursed fate

It is never easy to pick and choose

A few out of many to designate


Though it was not quite apparent

The process appeared transparent

Insiders bet that strings were pulled

Outsiders still feign to be ignorant


In this game of odds and even

105 aspired but chosen were 37

Rejected ones missed their flight

Selected ones flew to heaven


So it’s time to wish them well

Them on whom Lady Luck befell

Bar rooms will soon be full of them

And resemble assemblies in hell


                                   -Gobble D. Gook