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| @ | April 5,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook has always been a great admirer of the RTI Act. He feels it is one of the best legislations passed in post-independence India. Therefore, he has been following RTI battles closely.

The mother of all battles is now being fought in the Supreme Court before a bench of five Milords.

One of the issues involves disclosure of Collegium recommendations on the appointments to the Supreme Court. Such a disclosure would throw light on why, in the matter of elevations, some judges languishing far behind in the queue, often leapfrog over their brethren waiting patiently for their turn to come with legitimate, if not great expectations.

Therefore it comes as a big surprise, how one of the long-jumpers who managed to jump over 33 HC judges senior to him and make a perfect landing in the SC, is now part of the bench hearing this case, which, inter alia, would disclose which steroids are responsible for such enhanced performances in the difficult sport of long jumping!

Interestingly, the Delhi HC judge who, on 2 September, 2009, had first ruled in favour of RTI activist petitioner Subhash Chandra Agrawal, in respect of disclosing assets of judges, is one of the judges who could merely stand and watch as the chosen Milord floated over him to his Apex destination like a balloon filled with destiny’s gas!

All such flying objects are viewed with suspicion on Gook’s radar.

And now the most respected AG, who is assisting judges in their own cause at their request, has started making arguments which make Gook feel he may rather be resisting the RTI than assisting the SCI!

Since the case is ongoing, Gook does not wish to say anything more than what he has been inspired to pen in this Law-merick:


One may argue on this side or that side

But can judges their own cause  decide?


       Let RTI searchlight shine

       And everything will be fine


Who will trust judges with something to hide?

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