Raju Z Moray

| @ | April 22,2020

For those of us who took

Life of Law as passion

It is difficult to queue up

For Justice as a ration …


No doubt right to be heard

Is available to those who seek

Provided however that

It is exercised just twice a week


Now everything’s on video

With all images resized

After you enter the precincts

Duly masked and sanitized


The judges on screen are puisne

The Lady of Justice is blind

But this a welcome excursion

So you really do not mind …


The raw energy of a Court

It’s sweat and toil is missing

And if your “link” gets lost

It’s the screen that starts hissing!


So you hope for good old days

With ushers hollering ‘Silence’

While you duel for your clients

With some forensic violence!


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