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Gone to the dogs

The story is not new
But someone has to tell
A stray dog on the street
Bit a supreme counsel

His bandaged hand held
What looked like his brief
This was just enough to
Catch attention of Big Chief

This was more important
Than facts of the matter
The injured hand helped
To instigate much chatter

Do you need a doctor?
It’s the least we can do
But first you must tell us
Who did this to you?

Milords it’s a menace
A stray dog attacked me
Of the many black coats
Wonder why it tracked me?

The SG rose to proclaim
Something must be done!
It’s of national importance
To stop the strays free run

Big Chief said once his clerk
Was attacked,God knows why?
But he still performed duties
Once bitten, twice shy

This led to a big debate
About man’s best friend
Some spoke for it’s freedom
Others wanted it to end

SG kept getting up and
Interjecting impromptu
“Milords must take this up
And do it soon suo motu!”

Big Chief smiled and rose
System retained its clogs
Some said they understood
Why it has gone to the dogs

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