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Going virtual

Small Chiefs have discovered
A hybrid recipe for elation
Appease tech-savvy Big Chief
And dream of expedited elevation!

If one can’t use computers
One cannot hope to be a judge
That’s Big Chief’s stated position
And he ain’t gonna budge!

Do not try to procrastinate
Or draw your own inference
He shall brook no excuses
Unless made in a video conference!

Why not consider advantages?
The benefits of going virtual?
Everything will be paperless
Just the cost and fees will be real!

It’s being practised at the top
Why can’t it be done down below?
Big Milords show supreme speed
Small milords have been slow.

All HCs now have just two weeks
To implement, report, reply
No one knows what will happen
If some lazy milords don’t comply.

Technology is taking over
Better to join AI’s growing tribe
Let’s elevate robots and ensure
That we obliterate the word ‘bribe’!