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Functioning at nine

Milord has said
It would be just fine
If courts can start
Functioning at nine!

Then someone said
After late night party
Can we instead
Come at nine-thirty?

Let it be uniform
Let’s hold scales even
Even kids go daily
To schools at seven!

Some milords prefer
To work till very late
Those bachelor boys
Keep sitting till eight

But for some others
That would just not do
They’re looking forward
To go home at two!

Milords on a diet
Need just a munch
So they may suggest
All can skip lunch!

Bar cannot decide
What timing should be
Hangovers are tough
But evening will be free!

No one asks litigants
What should it be?
Their only function is
To arrive with the fee

How long they will sit
Who are we to propose?
Just tell us how many
Cases you will dispose?