Freedom’s bell

Justice is not just Supreme
Justice is also sweet
When right to life and liberty
Includes freedom to tweet

For a while we wondered
If this test also we would fail
And the fact-checker would
Continue to languish in jail

Thanks to the activist lawyers
Who did not give up the fight
It has been proved once more
At the end of dark tunnel is light

The persecutors hands are tied
In a way they are left stranded
No needles to find in the haystack
Even the SIT has been disbanded

Otherwise for oppressed victims
Even the sky did not hold any star
It seemed their life would move
Continuously.. from FIR to FIR!

By granting deserved reliefs
Milords have rung freedom’s bell
The deafening silence was scary
And it seemed that life was hell

We hope wisdom now prevails
On Constitution’s secure base
And citizen’s don’t have to beg
For Justice from case to case..