Freedom to criticise

It is never ever too late
For any belly to find its fire
Many however show spark
Only after they safely retire

With nothing much to do
And no worthwhile mission
Any milord considered “safe”
Usually heads a Commission

Milords most in demand are
Acknowledged fence-sitters
Loved by all the money-bags
And preferred by solicitors

They would seldom decide
Kept giving date after date
No surprise that such milords
Are usually chosen to arbitrate!

But some with lots of free time
Begin to express their views
At seminars and conferences
In lectures and interviews

The easy way for such milords
To stir proverbial hornet’s nest
Is to point out failings and flaws
Of one and only ‘Big Brother Best’

One retired milord supreme
Spoke nothing wrong or sinister
But it has irked none other than
The Hon’ble Union Law Minister!

In our India,that is Bharat
Land of the great and the wise
We enjoy a right to praise
Is there a freedom to criticise?