Free and fair

We are the biggest democracy
Of that we are rightly proud
Our leaders miss no opportunity
Of saying this clear and loud

We have an election process
Which we assert is free and fair
Too bad if disgruntled losers
Argue otherwise in media’s glare

Our parties have manifestos
And they fight each other to win
But if they fall short of majority
Embracing opponents is no sin

There are many ways in which
Those seeking power can persuade
What inducements cannot achieve
Can easily be managed by a raid

The surest way to ensure victory
Is to get the umpires on your side
Our masses are unpredictable
Who knows what they may decide?

If after all these processes
Those enjoying power still fail
With some help from milords
Those who won could land in jail

This happens quite brazenly
No one cares about public glare
We just quote our growth rates
We’re told they’re right “up there”!

The Leaflet