Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 23,2020

For the bored and the boring

With all the time in the world

A fresh topic for discussion

Has once again unfurled …


As our tired Milords retire

Dreaming of relaxing spaces

The Bar commences speculation

On “Who will take their places?”


Though judges hardly matter

In new schemes of the Nation

The Powers keep an eye on

Candidates ripe for elevation


Once merit takes a backseat

The choice is incredibly vast

Gender, age, region all come in

As also track record and caste!


Your pedigree and background

The selectors will remember

But what’ll surely weigh a lot

Is the prestige of your Chamber!


If your senior has been a Milord

There is always a greater scope

In case you slip or stumble

He can throw you a tested rope


Elevating thoughts will go on

Till the gossipers are fully sated

Either because you finally made it

Or because your rival got elevated!


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