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Don’t burn out!

AMONG all recent Big Chiefs
This one has the widest reach
Everyday we get to read or see
Excerpts of some nice speech

He wants to go fully digital
Is trying to cover all the bases
But no one had thought that
He’d think of the mental cases

Doing long nights, overworked
Falling prey to financial worry
Lawyers just refuse to go slow
Why are they in such a hurry?

It is time to relax and meditate
Go holistic and not take stress
Technology gives us a medium
To sit at home and work less

Litigants used to seek justice
Now justice seeks them, he says
Yet, entrenched feudal mindsets
Continue their discriminatory ways

Despite the struggles and tensions
Don’t burnout, guard mental health
The light at the end of this tunnel
Is success…and that’s your wealth!

I know you are quite impressed
We all love our Big Chief my dears
But if everyone starts meditating
Will a robot dispose all the arrears?