Raju Z Moray

| @ | May 18,2020

Seniors confined to homes

Can brook no further delay

They have finally spoken

Decision-makers, find a way!


Two months of utter inactivity

Has numbed our COVID fears

Now we have really woken up

To the mounting of arrears!


Despite landmark judgments

Despite our litigational renown

Has anyone spared a thought

For the plight of a Senior Gown!


We always rise to the occasion

We’ve never been known to shirk

It’s time Milords sat for five hours

And commenced doing some work!


Imbibe some networking skills

Learn the virtues of being wired

This part-time mode of justice

Is leaving much to be desired!


But if you have become self-reliant

In the interest of our great Nation

You may collect salaries at home

Let us prosper through Arbitration!

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