Cyclostyled justice

A vacation bench of the Supreme Court, comprising Justices Ajay Rastogi and B.V.Nagarathna, on May 31, has disapproved of the “cyclostyled manner” a single Judge of the Uttarakhand High Court had disposed of a criminal writ petition, without considering the merits of the matter. The Leaflet’s story on this may be read here.

– Editor

To prevent judicial time
From going waste
Many HC judges
Resort to copy-paste

Not much attention
To a case is paid
If the law is settled
And Supremely laid

With pro-forma directions
Several orders are set aside
And subordinates are told
Follow Apex and decide

But to such short-cuts
Milords did not relate
Such cavalier conduct
They did not appreciate

We are not concerned
With losses or gains
When we can observe
Judge has not taken pains

Whatever the matter
High Court should hear it
Not just look at case-law
But also consider it’s merit

The order must disclose
At least the facts as filed
How can that happen
If orders are cyclostyled?

So we are remanding this
Hoping you will budge
And telling the HC Chief
List before another judge!