Comedy serial

Gujarat High Court was the first high court to start live streaming of its proceedings in 2020. Recently, it made news with the High Court Bar Association president, Asim Pandya complaining to the Chief Justice, Aravind Kumar, against persons using the court proceeding footage on social media for “commercial purpose with oblique motive”. It is alleged that video clippings of court hearings are taken out of context and uploaded with inappropriate taglines and hashtags.  The complaint has sought issue of contempt notices to all those who brazenly violate live-streaming rules.

– Editor


WE all knew sooner or later
Some would start screaming
About perceived dangers posed
By proceedings live-streaming

Influential members of a bar
Are now pointing to the rules
Because they imagine on media
They are made to look like fools

What started for convenience
Is now alleged to be an ailment
As no one is being educated but
There’s lot of free entertainment

Worthies used to the old ways
Preferring in past glories to bask
Risk losing present reputations
If publicly seen being taken to task

Learned friends and brethren
Worry about how they look
When colleagues and clients
See Instagram and Facebook

To stop embarrassing snippets
The Chief’s door has a knock
Bar leaders urgently wish to stop
Becoming jokers or laughing stock

Millions of viewers however feel
Live streaming of courts is ideal
As watching milords is far funnier
Than any popular comedy serial!