Call from Delhi

Justice H.P.Sandesh of the Karnataka High Court is in the news for disclosing that he received a threat of transfer for passing orders against the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Seemanth Kumar Singh.  He recorded the threat as having been issued to him by a sitting Judge who referred to a call from Delhi about him, in a written order issued on Monday. The Supreme Court is set to hear an appeal against Justice Sandesh’s order on Friday.
– Editor

Whatever one may imagine
Truly a judge’s life is tough
And if the judge is upright
The going could get rough

Though court is labelled ‘High’
It’s morale can become low
If an insider approach is made
To inflict a surprisingly low blow

To hear such scandalous story
We would certainly be loath
As this is no doubt an attack
On the Constitutional oath

If a brother sidles up and says
“There was a call from Delhi”
Obviously one cannot ignore it
Or treat it as something silly

If the brother further mentions
That an accused has influence
The honest judge is justified
In indignantly taking offence

From veiled threat of transfer
Nothing else can be inferred
Whistleblower be rewarded
Approach-maker be transferred.