Bar elections

The Bar lowers it’s bar
Periodically for selections
Of old and new faces
In what passes of as ‘elections’

Everything is nicely fixed
Some second others propose
They scratch each other’s backs
No one dares to object or oppose

Presidents are usually seniors
Who won’t ruffle a feather
They will bat for the Bar
But only in fair weather

Vice-presidents are neither
Here… nor quite there
With hardly a role to play
Not much in public glare

The secretary is the CEO
Association’s visible face
Therefore hot contests ensue
To win this crucial race

Then there is a committee
Too unwieldy and big
Not ready to do any work
Always ready for bash or swig

Here too like elsewhere
Male dominance is a given
We thank our lucky stars
There’s reservation for women

With milords the winners
Will get to sit and hob-nob
Hoping at least for a gown
If not for milord’s job!