Azadi ka amrit mahotsav

Judiciary seems a boon
Because babudom is a curse
Judges look better
As politicians are looking worse!

It’s time we consider
What is it that this system lacks
To find elusive justice
Must one have to spend in lakhs?

If delay defeats justice
It has already been defeated!
Once securely elevated
Are even the corrupt unseated?

White bands and black gowns
Keep bowing and addressing “Milords”
Titles have been abolished
Yet they expect to be treated like Gods

Can one find any sagacity?
Towards compassion a pro-active attempt?
We only find bloated egos
Wielding ruthless swords of contempt!

We love our tokenisms
Wait for occasions to sing and celebrate
It’s time to hear tolling bells
If blind goddess goes deaf it’ll be too late

Have we wiped away tears?
Or simply aggravated all existing fears?
It’s high time we ruminate
At least after these seventy-five years!