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Elections 2019

When Big Data topples the Secret Ballot

The threat to Indian democracy.

March 19,2019

Law and Technology

How Aadhaar can rig the electoral system

Aadhaar data-linked sensitive private information on citizens that Central and State governments, and by default, the political parties in power, have access to could easily be used to create caste and religion based voter maps. Such data would be invaluable to a Delimitation Committee mandated with the task of redrawing the boundaries of constituencies, and could well empower such a Committee with the potential to influence the delimitation process in a manner that could influence the outcome of an election in favour of a particular political party/group, thereby unethically influencing the electoral system and undermining democracy.

August 30,2018

Right to Privacy

Impact on Aadhaar project

Impact on Aadhaar project

May 28,2018

Law and Technology

Law must trump code

Technology used by the State for governance must be held to a higher standard, both in terms of transparency and accountability.

May 25,2018