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Republic Day 2020

It is time to reclaim our Republic

Women and students are leading peaceful movements across the country to reclaim the secular, socialist and democratic republic in its 70th year.

January 27,2020

Case update

Gujarat High Court pulls up state govt for the death of a manual scavenger

Taking the death of a manual scavenger due to inhaling poisonous gas while entering a gutter to clean it, the Gujarat High Court has directed the state government to take action against the chief municipal officer.

October 12,2019

Gandhi @150

Gandhiji inspired Charlie Chaplin to make his classic movie ‘Modern Times’

World famous comedian Charlie Chaplin sought an appointment with Mahatma Gandhi during the latter’s visit to London in 1931. Gandhiji had not heard of the actor but agreed to meet him on being told that Charlie Chaplin championed the cause of the poor in his films.

October 10,2019

Gandhi @150

How Gandhiji’s dream of ‘Hind Swaraj’ was shattered

Both Hindu and Muslim communal leaders encouraged by the divide and rule policy of British rulers succeed in foiling Mahatma Gandhi’s desire for a united India.  

October 5,2019

Gandhi @150

MD: Gandhiji’s ideal Private Secretary

Mahadev Desai, who served Mahatma Gandhi as his secretary from November 1917 till his death on his lap in Aga Khan Palace prison, Pune, on August 15, 1942, had written day-to-day with Gandhi from the day he joined him till he breathed his last.  

September 28,2019

Gandhi @150

Why was Gandhi called Mahatma

Gandhi committed several mistakes in his life as is common with any other human being. What made him different from others was that he never repeated the same mistakes. This was the key to his moral progress. He was in the habit of doing self-assessment at every stage of his life.

September 18,2019

Gandhi @150

Gandhi wanted to be a Harijan girl in next birth

Mahatma Gandhi had described untouchability as the greatest sin of the Hindu society and fought for its eradication throughout his life even at the risk of his life.

September 16,2019

Gandhi @150

How Gandhi became ‘Father of the Nation’

Gandhi created a strong emotional bonding with millions of toiling farmers and weavers of our country mainly because of his simple lifestyle unlike other political leaders who hailed from aristocratic families.

September 13,2019

Gandhi @150

Gandhi devised Satyagraha to usher in a just world order

On this day in 1906 Mahatma Gandhi launched the modern nonviolent resistance movement, Satyagraha, in South Africa in response to a law passed by British colonial government against Asians. Gandhi developed the idea of Satyagraha to win over adversaries without shedding a drop of blood.

September 11,2019

Gandhi @150

Satyagraha was Gandhi’s counter narrative to Marxist concept of class struggle

The Leaflet has commissioned a series of articles on Mahatma Gandhi to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary. This is the first article in this series written by senior journalist Nachiketa Desai—who is son of Narayan Desai, Gandhi’s biographer, and grandson of Mahadev Desai, who was Gandhi’s principal secretary from 1917-42.

September 8,2019

Case update

Gujarat govt agrees to table  part two of Nanavati commissioin report on 2002 carnage

PIL by former Gujarat DGP compels government agree to table in state Assembly second part of Nanavati-Mehta commission report on 2002 post Godhra violence

September 7,2019

Human Rights

There seems no light at the end of the tunnel for Sanjiv Bhatt | Comment

As whistle-blower IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt completes one year in jail, the message from Gandhi’s Gujarat in his 150th birth anniversary seems ominous: If you speak the Truth, you shall be banished!

September 6,2019