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Gautam Mody is the General Secretary, New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI).



 कामगार वेतन संहिता: मजुरांच्या नव्हे,मालकांच्या बाजूने 

मूळ नियोक्त्याला वेतन अथवा बोनसदेण्याच्या आपल्या जबाबदारीतून पळवाट काढण्याची संधी मिळेल, एवढेच नव्हे तर कार्यस्थळावर दुर्घटना व मृत्यु झाल्यावर सुद्धा काम करणाऱ्या मजुरांप्रति त्याची कोणतीही जबाबदारी असणार नाही व कोणते गुन्हेगारी प्रकरणसुद्धा चालवले जाणार नाही. 

August 4,2019

Law and Technology

#AadhaarVerdict: Right to Privacy restricted

The September 26 judgment violates the court’s own landmark ruling on citizen’s constitutional right to privacy by failing to address why biometric data is required at all for benefits and services received from government. It also fails to take account of the fact that its own orders were violated by both government and private companies during the pendency of the hearings and that passing of Aadhaar Act as a Money Bill was simply unconstitutional, as echoed in Justice Chandrachud’s strong dissent.

September 28,2018